Smoked Fish Spread 10.00

Our homemade smoked salmon spread served with club crackers. Don't settle for fish spread from a tub, Matt has spent years perfecting his own recipe. 

Fried Green Beans 8.00

Fresh green beans deep fried in our beer batter. Served with cajun-ranch sauce for dipping.

Chicken Tenders 8.00

Strips of fresh chicken breast served grilled, blackened or breaded & fried.

Fried Green Tomatoes 8.00

Breaded slices of green tomatoes, deep fried to a crispy golden brown then served with a side of bacon aoili.

Potato Skins 8.00

Seriously, if you have lived in America for more than two weeks, you should know what these are.  Idaho potatoes with cheddar and loaded with bacon & chives.

Buffalo Chicken Dip 9.00

Our hand made dip has tender chicken breast blended with blue cheese, cream cheese & our own buffalo wing sauce.  We serve it with celery and tortilla chips because they are good with our dip on them.

Nacho Platter 10.00

Fresh tortilla chips smothered in chili & queso or cheddar jack, topped with diced tomatoes, onions, lettuce & jalapenos.  It's big.  Really big.
Sour cream & salsa upon request.

Pam's Pierogies 8.00

Just like Grandma made. Crispy dough wrapped pockets of potato & cheese.  Lightly fried and served with melted butter or your choice of wing sauce.

Loaded Fries 8.00

Our crispy fries covered with melted cheddar-jack & sprinkled with real bacon bits & chives. Served with cajun-ranch.  These are seriously addictive when you dip them in the Cajun Ranch.  Make sure you get the cheesy ones before anyone else does.

Wings 9.50

We're a sports bar, so we have to serve wings.  But Chris' family from Buffalo would never let him serve anything but great wings.  Never frozen, our fresh chicken wings are tossed in homemade sauces that will have you asking for more.  These sauces are:

Mild – Medium – Hot – Killer – Unbelievable
Jerk – Thai – Garlic Parmesan – Cajun – BBQ - Teriyaki

10 for 9.50,  20 for 18,  30 for 27,  40 for 35, 50 for 43

Reuben Rolls 10.00

We invented the Reuben Roll.  You can find them wherever our former kitchen staff work.  But ours are still the best because ours are made by Jaime, and he is amazing.  We know, because when he goes on vacation even we can't make them good enough. Jaime uses the perfect blend of corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese in there and rolls it just right to get the best bite.

BBQ Nachos 11.50

Homemade tortilla chips topped with pulled pork or brisket,  cheddar jack, bacon, BBQ sauce, red onions and fire roasted corn.

Fried Mushrooms 9.00

A collosal tower of fresh mushrooms dipped in homemade beer batter & lightly fried. Served with creamy horseradish sauce.  They are hot and cripsy and juicy and full of eathy mushroom goodness.

Collosal Onion Rings 9.00

Thick, freshly sliced sweet onions, beer-battered in our secret recipe and served with horseradish sauce  piled so high they resemble an Aztec pyramid.

Beer Pretzels and Cheese 8.00

One thing living in Philadephia gave us was a love of good soft pretzels.  These soft Philly-style pretzel sticks are served with cheese or honey mustard dipping sauce.  Or both, if you want.

Buffalo Shrimp 9.50

Fresh breaded jumbo shrimp served with your choice of our homemade sauces with celery & ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Fried Pickle Slices 8.00

Our fried pickles slices are Boar's Head pickles tossed in our homemade breading and fried to golden deliciousness.

Quesadilla 9.00

Over-stuffed quesadilla with your choice of chicken or steak with onions, peppers & cheese.  Served with salsa & sour cream.

Menu items, specials and prices are subject to change.